Wool Source

After years of specialist research, Wool Source NZ are introducing innovative new ways of using wool fibre to the commercial market.
Walnut Wool Source box from the outside
Glass jars filled with wool pigment
Wool Source engraved logo detailing
Wool Source pigment display case
After many years of extensive research and developing Wool Source NZ are introducing wool based pigments to various industries.

They requested a display case to house the pigments themselves and the samples that show the various potential uses of their product.
Each of the Wool Source pigments press fit into an EVA inlay which holds them in place whichever way the box is orientated. The jars have engraved wooden caps and are accompanied by a pestle and spoon for examining the contents.

The various pigment applications are presented on their own feature card and secured in the box lid with an elastic fixture. The elastic is tensioned with a metal clasp in the shape of the Wool Source icon logo.