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For 25 years we have designed and manufactured products for luxury consumer brands around the world.

Working in Christchurch, New Zealand, has not been an impediment to developing highly productive ongoing relationships with brand managers all around the world.

About Us

We design and make products that have one primary function: to sell the product and promote our clients' brand.

Our products are designed to work in synergy with that of the brand of the client and to enhance the experience of the customer. Every detail is examined and subsumed to promoting and selling our clients' goods.

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From Concept to Shelf

Product Development & Process
The initial process of establishing a brief, formulating possible options and solutions, and developing a production strategy is at our cost. Production costs for development and pre-production samples are charged for and rebated off the initial production run.

Provenance & Sustainability
Our commitment to sustainability and the environment means we only use materials we are certain of the provenance of; we use low impact finishes wherever possible; our energy inputs are monitored and optimised. Our use of locally sourced manufacturing and transparent production results in a smaller carbon footprint, less waste and a more ethical product.
Manufacturing & Materials
We utilise a wide range of processes including digital production, conventional mass production, as well as craft based making. Our digital processes include CNC machining, printing, and chemical milling.