Family owned and operated Cardrona Distillery craft whisky, gin, vodka and a range of limited edition liqueurs from their purpose built facilities whose location was chosen for its pure alpine water.
Wooden whisky box made by Deluxe Box
Wooden whisky box made by Deluxe Box
A close-up detailing of a whiskey box for Cardrona Distillery
Just hatched whisky title
Cardrona Distillery is the preeminent whiskey distillery in New Zealand. Its spectacular buildings are set in the even more spectacular Cardrona Valley environment in the South Island Southern Alps.

The juvenile “Just Hatched” three year old whiskey needed a cost effective packaging/display box which would enable the new brand to cut through the retail clutter when on display.
Every part of the Cardrona brand story is a product of its environment. With this in mind we designed an enclosure using American oak with a clear matt finish.

The bottle floats within the enclosure allowing unencumbered visibility of the product. Is secured with a proprietary locking device and is shipped in a multi layered eco-card box.